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Radioactive Ionizing Safety Course

Trainer Profile 

Yechuan graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. He has significant experience in the field of radiation being a L6 radiation supervisor himself. 

As a Project Engineer, Yechuan does radiation related projects and overseas the Berthold (the market leader in industrial Radiation/nucleonic Gauges) product portfolio in Gauging & Automation.  



    1. When is the next course date and timing?

    The radiation safety course is held once a month at our office, please contact our trainer @ for the latest schedule .  

    2. What are the entry requirement or educational background needed for this course? 

    There are no entry requirements for this course, however as this course covers some basic mathematics, we would recommend applicants to have a reasonable knowledge of at least secondary 2 mathematics. 

    3. Will the R1/L5/L6 license be automatically issued to me after the course? 

    No, the R1/L5/L6 license can only be issued by NEA. For the license to be issued to the applicant. He/She must undergo a full medical checkup as well as pass the prequalifying examinations. This course will only prepare the applicant for the qualifying examinations at NEA. Once the applicant passes the two criteria (Pass both the medical test and examinations) , he/she will be eligible to receive the L5/L6 certification from NEA(Subject to NEA approvals). 

    4. What are the course fee and payment mode? Does the course receive any funding or subsidy from government body? 

    The course fee is $520 for individuals (Before GST) . The course fee covers all course materials. The payment should be made via cheques or by internet banking. As of today, the course is not eligible for any government funding. 

    5. Other than English, can this course be carried out in another language? 

    Unfortunately, we are only able to conduct classes in English at the moment. 

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