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Flow Meter - Positive Displacement (PD) / Rotary Piston

Brodie International offers state of the art mechanical accessories complementary to their lines of positive displacement BiRotors Meters, Oval Gear Meters, and Control Valves.

The accessories range from totalizing registers, ticket printers, batch controllers, frequency to analog converters, flow rate indicators, temperature compensators, and strainers. These accessories provide an interface between the measuring units and receiving equipment that is necessary for control, monitoring, and substantiation. If the output required is mechanical Brodie has the ability to provide reliable and accurate equipment the industry can rely on to perform exceptionally

Brodie’s Electronic Oval Gear Meter also offers the patented SMART METER MANAGER. This small, intrinsically safe flow computer, which mounts directly on the meter, provides the electronic features expected from a high precision measurement device. No other meter combines the field proven accuracy and the electronic features of the Smart Meter Manager in an Oval Gear Meter.

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The BiRotor Plus is the industry leading positive displacement meter in accuracy (+/-.075%) and repeatability ( +/-.01%). Applied in custody transfer of biofuels and refined products, the BiRotor Plus provides amazing results in any of its variations from 2" to 6", saving operators in their total cost of ownership.

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The BiRotor Meter is a positive displacement meter utilized in the most demanding applications requiring accuracy, long life and ruggedness. The electronic “P” Series meter configuration features a sealed measuring chamber with one reluctance type electronic sensor. The sealed electronic sensor transmits amplified signals to local or remote instruments. A second optional sensor is available to allow dual channel pulses that are 90 degrees electrically out of phase.

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