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Cameron ITT Barton Flow Meter - Positive Displacement (PD) / Rotary Piston

Cameron's products include a wide range of pressure control and rig systems for onshore and offshore drilling; land and platform production systems for conventional and unconventional applications; separation, processing, and treatment systems; subsea production and processing systems; measurement systems; and a wide variety of valves and actuators


Cameron's Measurement Systems Division designs, manufactures and distributes measurement and control instrumentation for the global oil and gas and process control industries. The division was established in 2003 as a result of the acquisition and merger of three well respected companies: Barton Instrument Systems, Halliburton Measurement Systems and PMC Global Industries. Since then, the Division has acquired North Star Flow Products, and Caldon, Inc.

Like positive displacement meters, the Flotrac Meter is designed for mechanically measuring volumes of low-viscosity liquids flowing at high pressure. The Flotrac Meter employs the unique “constrained vortex” principle to provide an accurate measurement over a 10:1 range. Process liquid enters the metering chamber through the 1-in. (25-mm) inlet connection. As the liquid makes a 360-degree loop, it is separated equally into two streams. The special configuration of the metering chamber forces these streams into a series of vortices, causing the rotor assembly to rotate in direct proportion to the flow rate. The two liquid streams are then combined at the meter outlet port.

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The Floco Series F Meter is a positive displacement meter with a unique rotor design that provides sustained accuracy even under adverse conditions. It accurately measures viscous, waxy, corrosive and abrasive liquids to within ±1% maximum accuracy. The Series F Meter measures liquid by separating it into equal portions and counting them. Liquid enters the meter through the inlet port, where the bridge deflects the liquid downward to strike the rotor blades and turn the rotor. The liquid then passes through the outlet port, which is aligned with the inlet port. The unique rotor design allows solid particles and sediment to pass through the meter without causing damage or malfunction. Bridge seals prevent the liquid from passing to the outlet port without being measured

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The Floco Sampler is an accessory to the Floco Model F-500 Meter that provides an efficient method of obtaining composite “proportion-to-flow” sampling. The sampler indicates the flowing product quality, and is often used to determine the oil and water ratio (water cut) in a crude oil production facility. Accurate sampling is achieved by drawing fixed-size samples that are proportional to the net flow volume. Individual sample size and the sampling interval can be adjusted. The system is mechanically driven to ensure low installation cost and high reliability.

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The Floco Pulse Transmitter (FPT) adds a frequency output to a Floco Series F Meter. It is ideally suited for retrofitting in-situ meters to provide the necessary electronic output associated with an automation or SCADA project. The transmitter typically consists of a gear-like target mounted within the magnetic field of a standard turbine flowmeter pick-up coil. As the teeth of the gear pass under the pick-up coil, an electronic pulse is generated in that the same way the movement of the rotor blades of a turbine meter generates a pulse. The FPT can generate up to 126 pulses per US gallon for any 1-in. or 2-in. Floco meter.

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