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One of the leading manufacturers of top class flow & level instruments in Korea, Hitrol Co. Ltd continually supplies products of high reliability and high quality certification to various agencies and companies. With a strong devotion to R&D, control measurement technology by Hitrol Co. Ltd is rapidly emerging as a leading international standard. 

Since its founding in 1975, Hitrol Co. Ltd has not only expanded into advanced markets such as USA and Germany but also recognised as an innovative d technological corporation. With patents from Australia and USA, Hitrol Co. Ltd is growing as a pioneer in today's instrumentation and control industry.

With a wealth of experience in R&D, Hitrol Co. Ltd is a leading and progressive manufacturer of high quality products for the global market in flow & level instruments.

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HKA series is the most widely used flow meter that can be installed most easily and simply with flange or screw connection. The use of hard glass (Pyrex glass) allows for superb mechanical and heat-resistant properties.

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HKOP Series flowmeter has a flow restriction in the line that causes a differential pressure to be developed between the two measurement locations. The difference in pressures between the two measurement locations of the flowmeter is the result of the change in the flowrate.

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