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One of the leading manufacturers of top class flow & level instruments in Korea, Hitrol Co. Ltd continually supplies products of high reliability and high quality certification to various agencies and companies. With a strong devotion to R&D, control measurement technology by Hitrol Co. Ltd is rapidly emerging as a leading international standard. 

Since its founding in 1975, Hitrol Co. Ltd has not only expanded into advanced markets such as USA and Germany but also recognised as an innovative d technological corporation. With patents from Australia and USA, Hitrol Co. Ltd is growing as a pioneer in today's instrumentation and control industry.

With a wealth of experience in R&D, Hitrol Co. Ltd is a leading and progressive manufacturer of high quality products for the global market in flow & level instruments.

Hitrol Level Transmitter Technical Presentation


These are ejectors that discharge at pressures which are often higher than atmospheric pressure. When high-pressure steam is used to compress low-pressure steam to obtain a desirable thermal effect, the ejector is commonly called a thermocompressor, or sometimes thermal compressor.

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