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Laser triangulation sensing, rotameter

Lauris Technologies Inc. develops and manufactures precision instruments for process automation and control. Our products are used in various demanding applications where accurate process measurement is required and where conditions are a challenge for conventional instrumentation due to dynamics, rough environment, prohibitive cost, etc. The products are developed based on advanced solutions in acoustics, lasers, RF and signal processing.
Demanding applications are usually associated with costly exotic solutions. This is not the case with Lauris Technologies, our focus has always been to provide cost-effective and industry leading high quality instruments.
Take a look at our ultrasonic gas flow meters with applications for wet gas, flare gas, associated gas and other unprocessed gases. They provide unbeatable turn-down ratio and are maintenance free in dirty environment. Our laser based products include variable area gas flow meters, laser displacement and vibration sensors. Lauris Technologies is your solution for OEM based instrumentation systems; please contact us with your specific instrumentation needs

Accuracy better than 1%

Rangebility more than 300:1
Pipe sizes: ½” (DIN12), ¾” (DIN20) ; 1” (DIN25);
2” (DIN50)


Typical applications: retrofit of conventional rotameters for automatic reading, better accuracy and rangebility


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Frequency response: up to 100 kHz

Axial resolution: 20 µm
Lateral resolution: 10 µm
Light source: red laser 650 nm, 0.3 mW, 1.0 mW


Typical applications: pipe displacement measurement, vibration measurement

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