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SIEMENS In-line Ultrasonic - Retrofit

Siemens offers a comprehensive range of process equipments for pressure, temperature, flow and level measurement. Whether you need a single instrument or a complete instrumentation package, Siemens is your professional supplier for any project.

Siemens process instrumentation covers a wide range of key industries. They include:
·       Chemical
·       Energy
·       Mining, aggregates and Cement (MAC)
·       Oil & Gas
·       Food & Beverage
·       Pharmaceutical
·       Water & Wastewater
·       Pulp and Paper

SITRANS F US SONOKIT offers a simple, accurate alternative to traditional flowmeters because it can be retrofitted onto existing pipelines. It is a transit time based ultrasonic flowmeter for retrofitting on existing pipelines. SITRANS F US SONOKIT has in-line transducers which assure superior accuracy and performance. The kit includes all necessary parts and special tools to make the installation as 1- or 2-track flowmeter. It is made for installation on empty pipes or pipes under pressure without process shut-down (hot-tap).

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