Rosemount Tank Gauging
Emerson Rosemount Tank Gauging

Rosemount Tank Gauging

With Oil Price skyrocketting with no sign of abating, " Every Drop Counts " is no longer a rhetoric but a strong statement and truth for every bulk oil / chemical storage terminal , refinery and Petrrochemical company who process and store the product in huge and tall  storage tanks . Emerson Rosemount Radar based ( mircrowave )Tank Gauging System spring to the forefront to provide the  solution to meet the need to have a highly reliable, dependable , accurate , SAFE  and cost effective solution. With increasing oil price and limited land space ,it is natural and expected to see the storage tanks getting bigger, taller and denser , hence, tank overfilled safety becomes the most crytical consideration for a safe tank farm operation to maximise profits and throughput. To understand more of our state of the art Rosemount Tank Gauging System, do feel free to explore, download the  most sougth after information, data sheet, engineer's guide to level measurement, tank gauging system and the very hot topics on API 2350 overfilled safety and protections. feel free to touch base with us , the Tank Gauging People you can leverage and draw resources from.
Our Rosemount Tank Gauging System is a complete and flexible tank gauging system with SIL2 and SIL 3 certification for IHLA ( Independent High Level Alarm ) the radar gauge can be fitted with 2 in 1 electronic module where only one tank opening is required to install the radar gauge for Both custody transfer  level measurement as well as functionaing as IHLA with remote PROOF TESTING.   Our Tank Gauging system is versatile , modular , flexible , ease to miantain under operational conditions to cater for every needs in terms of operational efficiency  and budget , it is future proof , the cabling and installation is simple and straight forward , hence cost saving as we adopt the FISCO concept ( Intrinsically Safe Foundation Field Bus )
The system includes cost-effective alternatives for each performance class. It can be configured with:
  • Highest accuracy for custody transfer/ inventory control to achieve " Every drop counts " objective
  • Safety to safeguard tank overfill while ensuring maximum throughput.
  • Remote Proof Testing to ensure highest operational safety
  • Medium accuracy required primarily for operational control for a mixture of tank and products 



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