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Job Opening as at 15 Aug 2022

With Covid 19 fades into the  background, the many brown fields and green fields projects put on hold and ongoing projects put on a slow pace suddenly roar into the forefront. Our customers scream for delivery to take place " Yesterday "  proposal and offer to be submitted in an unrealstic time frame !! Additionaly new products and Brands also added to our portfolios for the past 4 months.

We do not want to miss the golden opportunity - Our current strength are not able to cope with the very good problem, , hence we are HIRING !!

We have immediate vacancies to fill (For SPR and Singapore Citizen only )

Post # 1 Business Development / Sales Proposal engineer  ( Instrumentation & Control ) - For SPR and Singapporean

Job Description

  • To service our existing key accounts and to expand into new accounts
  • To actively promote our well established wide range of Instrumentation products and Brands digitally and physically
  • Ability to Integrate and package the wide range of complementary brands & products into a system for multi-products projects sales.
  • Ability to leverage the strength and garner the support from our manufacturers and principals to deliver results.
  • Competent and confident to conduct product and sales presentation , commercial and technical clarification as part of bid evaluation.
  • Digitally savvy in engaging customers and draw in customers such as via emailing campaign.
  • Ability to leverage and work with End user, M+E contractor / system integrator to specify our products and system as part of our projects Sales Pursuit.
  • Ability to team up and work with our Startup & Commissioning team to deliver our products and systems to the full satifaction of our customers .
  • Experienced and well qualified candidates will be considered a Managerial position.
  • This is a demanding but highly satisfying future proof job if this is your calling and you are passionate for it.

Job Requirements

  • Relevant Engineering Degree, Diploma in ICA ( Instrumentation Control & Automation ), Mechatronics /Electrical and Electronics, candidates strong in Physics and ITE graduate with proven experience and track Record will be considered
  • Digitally savvy, strong in oral and written presentation skills in MS Office
  • Take pride to see a satisfied customer who love to work with you and through you
  • A love for hands-on is required to excel due to the nature of products
  • Able to work independently without supervision and yet enjoy team work

Post # 2 Project Service & Commissioning Engineer  ( Process Instrumentation & Control )- Singaporean+ SPR only

Job Description

  • Conduct onsite Start up, Testing & Commissioning, Installation Assistance,  Maintenance Repair & Calibration service for our wide range of Process Instrumentation , Measurement & Control System and Products.
  • Carry out onsite Flow Metering Flow Survey using our clamp-on Ultrasonic flow meter and flow verificator
  • Conduct Customer Service Training
  • To carry out Radiation survey , installation assistance , startup &  commissioning of our microwave and nucleonic Instrumentation products.
  • Carry out Pre-Delivery System set up , system configuration & Simulation for customer’s Factory Acceptance Test ( FAT ) at our facility
  • To provide Technical Support to our Projects Sales Team
  • Engineering drawing  and technical Documentation submission 
  • Experienced and well qualified candidates will be considered a Managerial position 

Job Requirements

  • Mobile & enjoy site work as candidate is required to travel to customer's process plants such as power station,  refinery, Petrochemical plant and PUB water reclamation plant etc..
  • This is a hands on job that prior work experience as a Service & Commissioning Engineer will be of great help.
  • IT and digital savvy to use PC or handheld digital device for work
  • Be solution focus and customer service centric, keen to acquire new skills.
  • Able to work independently and yet enjoy team work
  • Diploma in Instrumentation & Control , Mechatronics /Electrical & Electronics/ ICT / or strong in Physics. ITE graduate with instrumentation & Control work experience will be very helpful 

Please write in, phone in or email to MingXiu ( email : )  or Sin Sang (email: with your full resume stating the post that you are interested in.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard 

Tong Sin Sang ( MD )

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