Gauging & Automation Pte Ltd


Startup, Testing & Commissioning
We provide startup, testing & commissioning services to customers in the region even if the products are  not purchased through us.
Flow Survey
We provide ad-hoc flow measurement at customer site using Siemens Controlotron portable clamp-on ultrasonic  meter.
Product Training
We also conduct training courses for our regional customers for the following products / systems :
  •      Rosemount Tank Gauging
  •      Siemens Controlotron
  •      ISE-Magtech
  •      Berthold Technologies
  •      GE Leakwise
  •      Cameron / Barton Measurement System
  •      Labkotec
  •      Fuji Electric
  •      Precision Digital
  •      Flame and Gas Detector
  •      Dew Point/Leak Detection
Please do not hesitate to contact us for your faulty meters for repair or servicing.
All faulty instruments shall be sent to us on freight pre-paid basis unless otherwise advised.


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