Hitrol Level and Flow Instruments

Tank Level

The HAT-series is a converter that converts electrical signals to DC 4~20mA output and monitors level by passing the output to a contact at any position.

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The HLT model is a magnetic coupling type float level gauge which measures liquid level in a tank, by movement of a weight in a guide pipe according to a movement of a float, using a spring. Conventional level gauge is hard to be applied for corrosive and/or toxic liquids due to a corrosive vapor which is developed in a tank and comes up along a guide pipe to a gauge head. On the other hand, magnetic coupling type float level gauge is a closed type and prevent an inflow of vapor into a guide pipe so it is suitable for corrosive and/or toxic liquids.

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This target type tank level gauge is used to measure and indicate water levels in large tanks in industrial facilities for light oil, petrochemical, food, chemistry, water treatment, and power generation. This level gauge is mostly used, particularly, in checking storage, maintaining constant water levels, and measuring certain amounts of liquids in batch processes.

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